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HIPAA and Emerging Technologies

Originally Authored by M. Scott Koller and Marcia L. Augsburger and published by the American Health Lawyers Association, HIPAA and Emerging Technologies, 14 HIT News 3, 6 (November 2011).

The Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is 15 years old this year – still acting a bit like an uncertain, wide-eyed teenager responding to new developments. Although more mature, clarified by regulations, and supplemented by the HITECH Act, at its core HIPAA has remained relatively unchanged since its enactment. Societal changes implicating HIPAA, however, have been significant. Over the past five years alone, we saw the rise of Facebook, the domination of Google, and the introduction of powerful personal electronic devices such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad. In addition, technologies such as cloud computing, wireless communication, and telemedicine have reached a level of reliability and affordability that has allowed healthcare providers to expand their reach and services. With every emerging technology, the specter of HIPAA compliance remains a key concern, while its application becomes more murky.

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